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Woman:  In 1990 he started his quest for the truth or the legality of the income taxes.  What he found in his search started him on a path of learning the law.  He has studied law for ten years nearly full time.

Judges, public defenders, and prosecutors have complimented him on his legal arguments and court paperwork.  Please welcome Barry Smith.

Mr. Barry Smith:  You can contact me a

As for me, I've had a number of visions and revelations that I'm recounting tonight.  The Father, the Creator of the Universes, His name is Jahuwah (Yah oo a), said to me, “Get ready because you're going to jail. I want you to get a computer, learn how to use it, and start studying law full time.”

And so, I started studying.  And sure enough, about year later I ended up in the Jefferson County Jail.  And I was there for 20 days.  I about 15 days I hammered them with over 240 administrative demands respecting prisoner’s rights.  I had a real supernatural time.

At one point, two lieutenants came and they said, it's become really apparent that you intend to sue us and we wanted to give you the card for our attorney to facilitate communication

And then, without getting into that complete jail story, which was the--at one point my friend David, who is kind of like my mentor or whatever--he's the first one who ever took me walking through the law library was in city county of Denver, about 30 miles from where I was in jail the first time. He was defending a no proof of insurance ticket. David was really good in court. I had gone to his trial to watch him and during a recess in his trial he sat down next to an attorney.  The attorney leans over to him says, “Are you the guy that was out in Jeffco (I was in jail in Jefferson County)?”  David says, “No, that's him right there (pointing to me).  David says, “I taught him.”  The attorney responded, “They are scared to death of him out there.”

And then later, David took someone to Jefferson County District Court to help him file an appeal.  I had never been there.  The reason I was in jail for 20 days was a little municipal court matter and they stacked me with these charges that put me in jail, or least left me in jail.  My bond was $500, but I purposely didn't post it because I wanted to stay there and write all these demands and make their life miserable.

Anyway, they go walking into the district court and tells them that they want to  file an unusual appeal.  And the clerk says to them, “Are you Barry Smith?”  David goes, “No, why?”  The clerk says, “Because he's going to sue the county and only one of us is supposed to talk to him.”

Then later, I ended up clear out in Sterling, Colorado; more than 180 miles from where this took place.  I had set up a sting on the state patrol and I ended up being in jail in Logan County.  After I had my initial appearance in court, my mom went in to see the sheriff.

The sheriff told my mom, “You know, he really gave them a hard time in Jefferson County.”  My reputation has kind of gone out across the state.

One of the things that had happened was my wife and I--at the time, I was married--and we were Scripture believers. We were listening to Gary Smalley and John Trend and reading their marriage-counseling books and so forth.

One of the things that they said in their videos and their seminar is that men should pay attention to their wives.  Jahuwah's given you your wife to--because--she is supposed to help you hear from the Spirit and you should pay attention to what she says because she's specially sensitive.  She can help you with things that you can't do.

We had been involved in filing our returns and each year, we'd get to the end of the year and we'd still, even though we'd optimized our deductions, we'd owe like a couple of thousand dollars and we wouldn't have the money.

We had payment plans stacked on top of payment plans, probably three years worth.  And each year, we were still paying on, you know, from three years ago.  She started saying, “If only we didn't have to pay the IRS, if only we didn't have to pay the IRS.”

She  said that quite a few times; I'm like, “Oh, well, yeah, that's right, you're supposed to listen to your wife.  Why is she saying that?”

I am a voracious reader and I didn't know what else to do so, I went down to the Denver library and I checked out about ten books on the IRS.  I did a subject search.  It sent me to a shelf and there's nothing but IRS books there.

And I read those ten books.  I'm a pretty fast reader, so I had them boom, boom, boom.  And I found stuff in there like former IRS agents saying that the way they were determining deficiency assessments is by throwing a dart.

I read these books and they were just full of nonsense; former IRS agents just admitting what went on.  Then, I got to Erwin Schiff’s.  And Erwin Schiff said, “If you look at the Constitution, it provides for import and export taxes and excise taxes and then, it provides for indirect and direct taxes and he was explaining the Constitutional provisions for taxation.

Any tax that would be imposed on a state citizen constitutionally, it was supposed to be by apportionment.  The way apportionment works is the Feds go to state and say, look, Colorado, you've got 2.5 million people there, so your portion of the tax bill is X and you have until a certain month to collect that money from the people in your state and send it in and it's up to you how you do it.  You know, Colorado’s got to pay their share.

Well, I learned that up until about the 1900's that they had tax excesses just from the constitutionally provided provisions and they didn't even have to do any kind of apportioning to the states.

In fact, I saw a little comic that was drawn up and in there from the early 1900’s; it showed the government with this huge moneybag and it had all these surplus funds that they didn't know what to do with.  At the time, there was no income tax.

After I read all these books and I started thinking, “Man, there's something wrong.”  Another thing that came into play on this, besides listening to my wife talk, was I Timothy 1:7.  It says, Jahuwah hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.

In another place in Romans 13 it says, for rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil.  Do you want to have no fear of authority?  Do what is good and you'll have praise from the same, for it is a minister of Jahuwah to do good, but if you do what is evil, be afraid.

Now, here I am, I'm carrying a log around in my car and I'm keeping track of every deductible mile and I'm saving the logs and I'm saving receipts and I'm reading books on how to make sure I get all my deductions and all this and filling out the tax return and paying my monthly payment.

And when something comes in the mail that says it's from the Internal Revenue Service, I shake and I'm like, “Oh no, what is in this?  Boy, they're after me.”  Something's not adding up.

How is it that I can try and do what is good and yet still be afraid?  I'm thinking, you know, it's possible that the IRS is not from Jahuwah.

I saw this recently on the Internet.  Let's see, who was it?  Shultz.  This is from and here's what they're going to have at this press conference.

A forensic accountant will reveal absolute proof of widespread intentional illegal tax assessments and accounting procedures performed by the agents of the United States Internal Revenue Service with the full knowledge of the IRS, Department of Justice, Congress reports.

Irrefutable evidence will be presented that documents the longstanding pattern of IRS fraud and abuse including the unlawful manipulation of taxpayers' individual master files, the propagation of illegal collection of time-bar tax assessments, the intentional underpayment of interest lawfully owed to taxpayers, the imposition of levies against taxpayers' social security benefits in direct violation of US law and the fraudulent certification of court tax documents and much more.

So, you know, I'm not the only one that's seeing this.  Here's a forensic accountant and other experts, as well.

If you want to enjoy Jahuwah's blessings, live righteous, right?  I mean, there are places in the Scriptures where He says, render tribute unto whom tribute is due and pay your taxes and this kind of thing.  And so, I pull out my Dake's Annotated Scriptures.

I don't know if you're familiar with this.  Dake, Phineas Dake was a man who spent some 500,000 hours studying the Scriptures and he compiled all of his notes and he put them in this Dake's Annotated Scriptures.  And it's really easy to find any topic.  All you do is just go to the cyclopedic index, taxes and boom, there's four or five different references.

And I started following his references to taxes in the scriptures.  I call Jahuwah’s Son Jahshuwah. Jahshuwah holds up the coin and He says, “Whose inscription is this?” And they respond, “Caesar's.”  And He says, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto Jahuwah the things that are Jahuwah's.

Think about that.  One thing struck me immediately.  Who's Caesar in this country?  You, you and you and you and you and you.  Right.  The plan was that we were to be sovereigns, but sovereigns without subjects.  That's what it says in like one Supreme Court decision.  That was the plan.  We were to be the Caesars.

Peter comes to Jahshuwah and he says, they want to know if you pay a tax and I told them that you did.  And Jahshuwah says, what, why did you tell them that?  He asks Peter, “Of whom do the kings on the earth receive tribute?  Of foreigners or of the children?”

Now, in this country, who's the children?  You and you and you and you and you and you, right.  And who's the strangers?  They're the ones that we get the import and the excise and the impost taxes from, right?  They're the people that want to come in from the outside and do business with us.  They're the ones that should be paying the taxes, constitutionally speaking.

Another thing about render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's is that it continues, “…and unto Jahuwah the things that are Jahuwah's” I tell you what, when you get into the position where I'm at, you owe Jahuwah everything.  There is nothing left for Caesar.

Did you know that in the Scriptures that Jahuwah actually approved of and sanctioned a tax protest?  Solomon, one of the wealthiest people that ever lived on the face of the earth, one of the ways that he became wealthy was he imposed a heavy tax.

When he died, a new king, Rehoboam, his son, took over his kingdom and the ten tribes of Yisra’el came to him and said, “Look, if you'll lighten the tax burden, we'll serve you, but if you don't lighten it, we won't.”

Rehoboam comes back with an answer for them.  He says my father chastened you with whips, but I will chasten you with scorpions.  I'm going to raise your taxes.”

And the ten tribes of Yisra’el said, we're out of here.  Basically, it was a tax protest, right.  Rehoboam says, get the army, we're going to get them and we're going to make them pay their taxes.  And you know what?  Jahuwah stopped Rehoboam.  He says, “Don't do it.  This is of me.”

So, there's an example of Jahuwah actually sanctioning and approving of the tax protest.  So, I'm reading through this stuff and I'm going, man.

I see now that I can actually--that I'm onto something, that I can actually stop playing games with the IRS and actually enjoy the blessings of Jahuwah. 

And then I remembered that in Galatians 3:14 it says, “…that the blessings of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles through faith.”  I was thinking, what is one of the blessings of Abraham?  Jahuwah promised that He would be an enemy to his enemies and an adversary to his adversaries.

And I was like, wow!  That means that if the IRS becomes my enemy, then Jahuwah will be their enemy and that is probably way more than the IRS can deal with.

I decided, “That's it, I ain't payin’ and I ain't playin’.”  And right then, I experienced something.  It was like a steel rod went down my spine.  I actually felt my spine stiffen and straighten. What an unusual feeling!

At the time I was working for Royal Farm Dairy.  Some of you get their milk delivered at your homes.  I'm trying to figure out, okay, how do I stop withholding, I don't want them to get any more money than they can possibly get.  I came across the Pilot Connection/ Liberty Foundation.

They boasted that we had 30,000 members. They boasted that they had 30 paralegals in our organization.  They claimed that it was the largest team of paralegals in the nation. They promised that if we would pay them $1,100, they would be there fighting with us and that none of their members had ever been to court, but if we did go to court, they'd be right there with us.

So we paid them the $1,100 and we got this un-tax package.  The Father starts talking to me.  He says, “Now, can a paralegal represent you in court?”  I was like, “No.”  And He says, “Well, don’t you need an attorney to represent you in court?” And I'm like, “Yeah.”  And He says, “How much would it cost you to get an attorney to represent you in court?”

And I was like, “Well, $30,000.  You know, with the IRS, maybe 50.”  And He says, “For $50,000, could you buy the allegiance of an attorney to take on the IRS?”  And I think the answer is pretty clear.  You can't.  I don't even know if you could buy the allegiance of an attorney with 100,000, all right, I mean, because what does he risk?  He risks losing everything, I mean, if the IRS comes after him.

And then the Father said, “Now what happens if all 30,000 people get in trouble all at once and they've all paid in $1,100?  Could the Liberty Foundation help them all?”  I replied, “No.”

And then, there was one other thing, the Father wanted to know, “Is the Liberty Foundation always going to be there?”  It was turned out that the answer was no and members like myself ended up being on our own.

You know what the Father said to me?  He says, “You better learn to do this yourself. I want you to get a computer, learn how to use it, and start studying law full time.”  So, that started me studying the law. 

I had a vision.  And I want to emphasize to you that this was vision. The house that we were living in had a bathroom that overlooked the front door entryway.  In the vision, there was a knock on the door. I go look out the bathroom window and it's the IRS.

I don't know how I knew; whether he had on a hat that said IRS or what.  But, I went and got a baseball bat and I go and I hide behind the door and he comes walking in the house and I go, bam.

And he fell on the floor and I stood over him and I looked and said, “Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt?”  I think that the point of that vision was, if you come after me, I'm going to inflict some pain.

Then, it occurred to me that Abraham, the Father of Faith, Friend of Jahuwah, took on five kings with 318 trained servants.  Think about it.  Why did it say that they were trained?  What were they doing?  Why were they considered to be trained?

You know what they were doing?  They were out there with their slingshots and they were trying to knock the can off the stump with their slingshot.  They were practicing with their spears and they were doing militia type maneuvers.

Okay, this group goes over there and this group goes over there and you go up on the hill and wave your arms a lot and then when they turn around and look at you, we'll hit them in the head with a rock or something.

You know, I don't know, but they were trained.  They thought this thing through.  You know, I think that that's something that all of us should take into account is be thinking about this stuff before you get yourself in trouble.

Proverbs 24:5, A wise man is strong and is better than a strong man and a man of knowledge increases and strengthens his power.

Proverbs 21:22, A wise man scales the city walls of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in which they trust. 

So, get some wisdom and the IRS doesn’t even--you know, they think they've got it all made and a little wisdom will do it right to them.

Let's talk about another thing, another spiritual principle that I learned from the Scriptures.  In the book of Isaiah, the 39th chapter, King Hezekiah, a righteous king whose kingdom had flourished and he was very wealthy and things were going well.

He was visited by the Babylonians.  He took them around and showed them his kingdom and all his wealth and all the goodies that he had.  And after they left, the prophet Isaiah came in and he said, “What did you show them?”

And Hezekiah says, “I showed them everything.”  And Isaiah the prophet says, “That's what they're going to take, everything.”  Eventually, that's what happened.  The Babylonians came and carried off everybody from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin because that's who was left at that time, and carried off all the wealth.

You know, at one point, I was taking some training;  I was sitting in some classes by a financial planner.  He says, get their tax return because on their tax return you can learn everything about them. Think about that.  You put down all the interest that you currently deduct, you put down, the houses that you own, investments.  Everything's listed right on there.  It shows how your business did.

So, you know, if you fill out a tax return and you turn it in, you probably put yourself in the same position as the King Hezekiah.  Take a lesson from him.  Don't show them everything.

Another thing that happened was when I was working at the dairy, I wanted to have milk delivered and in order to have milk delivered, they had to run your credit report.  And I got to see the credit report.  Down at the bottom, there was an inquiry from the IRS.

So, you know what they do?  They just go look at your credit report.  What can they tell from that?  They can tell where you live.  They can tell what kind of mortgage payment you're making, whether you're current on your mortgage payment, whether you're current on your credit cards, how much you're paying on your credit cards.  They can tell where you're working.  I mean, there's lots they can tell.

And you know what I thought about that?  You ain't seeing anything else.  And I shut that sucker down.  No more credit report.  There's not going to be anything for you to look at.

I got fired from the dairy because I insisted that they not do any withholding.  One of my buddies, he got fired at the same time for the same reason and he went to get unemployment.  And I was thinking, “Maybe I should get unemployment.”

And then I thought, “Wait a second; I'm going to read that law first because I'm starting to catch onto this.  So, I had them send me the law and I get to looking through it and the first thing it says is it is being done under the police power of the state.

Just the sound of that I did not like, okay.  And then, it says that it's the administration of social security funds.  I didn't the sound of that, either.

And then, let's see, you must have a social security number in order to participate.  They don't even want to hear from you unless you've got a social security number.

Here's a thought, as I read through that law.  Guess who was not subject to withholding taxes?  Now, not subject to withholding with respect to unemployment insurance.  Those that were paid daily were not subject to the tax.

One reason I paid attention to that was because in Leviticus 19:13 it says--it's the law, right--it says, “You shall not hold a workman's wages overnight.”

When Jahshuwah was telling the story about the landowner and it was time to do harvest and he went to town to hire some workers for the morning and hired some more at noon and he hired some more at three o'clock or whatever.  And then, at the end of the day, he paid them all.

Now, look at what you're doing there.  You're restarting your employment each day.  In other words, if an employer doesn’t--if he pays you at the end of the day, you might not come back tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a brand new incident, all right?

And what you've done is you've shifted over to what George Gordon calls quid-pro-quo, something for something, a day's labor for a day's wages, right.

When you let your employer stretch it out--first, you work two weeks, then you wait one more week and then I pay you--you've changed it into specific performance over time for profit or gain.

And then, your employer who takes the Federal EIN number, the employer identification number, right, he takes his funds down and he puts them in the bank that's federally chartered through the United States Code and then, it becomes the bank's asset.  And the only way anyone can get back to that asset is by way of what they call “chose in action.”

You might be able to walk in and cash a check.  You might be able to walk in and make a cash withdrawal or there are certain ways you can access your money.  But, there are only certain ways you can get it.  Now, you pick, right.

But, as soon as you went there and you got that money, you know what they gave you?  They gave you a source of income within the United States.  What is the United States?  Washington D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands.  That's the United States as defined in the tax code.

So, I started figuring it out.  Don't do business with banks, and certainly stop using your social security number because they'll do to you what they did to me.  They showed up at the bank when they were chasing me around and they put this notice of levy in to the bank and they sent one to us.

My wife's showed me the levy on our account.  The Father spoke to me and said, “Just go down and withdraw it.”  So, she went down and took it out.

And now, that brings me to a story.  I knew nothing about law when I was starting this journey, all right.  I didn't know anything about banks or source of funds of the United States and any of that.

All I did was tell the Father, “I’m going to do what you want me to.”  He's telling me, park the cars in the garage, don't take that one car out, don't get a new license plate for that car, just leave it in the person's name and, you know, withdraw the money from the bank.

You know, I got fired from the dairy on this day and a week later, the notice of levy shows up at the dairy and they can't get a cent.

Over a span of two years when they were chasing around--they interviewed our neighbors, they called us on the phone; they came and knocked on the door.  I didn't get the baseball bat out, but they were there.

And it turned out, you know what, they didn't get a cent.  And then, we met up with NCBA.  Maybe some of you remember those guys, National Commodity and Barter Association?

They helped us do some Freedom of Information Act requests including one that asked for the investigative report by the IRS agent that was chasing us.  What we got back was his handwritten investigative report covering a span of two years.

It showed that every time the Father was saying for me to zig, he was zagging.  You know, the Father says, don't take that car out of that person's name that you bought it from.  In his report he was checking the DMV looking for vehicles that we owned and he's writing in his report, “This car is parked in the driveway, but they don't own it.”

And then his report says there were numerous opportunities for levies, so he sends out all kind of levies to all these places, and I didn't work at any of them any more.

At the very end of this two-year report, on the very last entry he wrote, “I recommend that this account be closed.  I've over-worked it.”

I started going to a group having law meetings one night a week.

Some of the people that would come to the law meeting had IRS problems and they would describe these knock down drag out fights with the IRS; the IRS is seizing my house or there's a lien on my house, they took all the money out of my account, they levied my wages and I'm living on $400 a month and, you know, just hair-curling stories about what the IRS did to them.

And I'm looking at what they're saying and I'm looking at me and asking the Father, what's the difference?  Why are these people having all this happen to them and it just seems like it just keeps happening to them?

I mean, they keep coming back to the meetings over a year's time and the IRS keeps doing more mean things to them.  For me, it was like my problem with the IRS had simply gone away and the IRS had ceased to be a problem for me.

I had a vision and in my vision there was a shepherd and his flock and he was moving them from one pasture to another.  And as he was moving them, some of the sheep that were kind of sick and weak began to trail behind the group.  They were strung out and further and further behind the group.

The lion would come up and these stragglers were easy pickings.  Just get one of the very farthest back ones and have lunch.

And then, I had another vision and in this vision there was a pasture of grass and then, on the edge were woods and the shepherd was out in the middle of the pasture and watching the flock as they grazed.

A lion came up to the edge of the woods and he roared. The sheep had two reactions.  Some of the sheep said, get close to the shepherd, he'll save us.  And some of the other sheep went, “It's a lion, run for it, save yourselves…” and they just took off running and all they did was make themselves dinner for the lion because the ones that scattered were the easy pickings.

Here's the interpretation for that.  You know, basically, since I didn't know anything, I had to completely rely on the Spirit.  I just had to tune in and I'd say, okay, what do I do now?

He took that wisdom and all the skill as investigators and collection people and made it foolishness.  Over the years, some of these people who were having knock down drag outs are armed in the flesh and they were trying to think it through; they're trying to get the latest guru to come to their aid. Really, all they really needed to do was just zero in; just seek Jahuwah for direction on what to do at any given moment.

And another thing - most that the Father gave me about these was that, “The difference between you and them is that they haven't dealt with what's described in I John 2:16, which says, “For all that's in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father, but is of the world.”

Now, what are these things?  Lust of the eyes; I look over there and I see, a quarter of a million dollar house, looks nice, I'd sure like to get it, how can I do that?  Oh, I can borrow money and I can get one of those, but I can't borrow money unless I have a job that the bank thinks they can rely on as a source of the payment.

So, I'm going to go to college and I'm going to become an engineer so I can get a job at HP or IBM because they very seldom fire people; or, that is what the banks believe.  Then the bank will lend me money and I can get that house.  Okay.  Wow.

And that's what this is all about.  Now, what did they do?  They've left their ass hanging out there because you got involved with HP and HP has a lot to lose and so, when a levy shows up at HP, they just go, “Take the employees money and leave us alone.”

You went over there and you got that house that you wanted and the IRS just goes down to the county clerk and recorder and goes, “Oh yeah, see that, they own a house.  And here comes the lien.”

Let's talk about the pride of life.  So, you went down and you got a checking account because you like the idea of keeping track of every dollar that comes in.  And then, at the end of the year, you pull out the bank statements and say, “Look honey, $148,000 went through our account this year.  Isn't that cool?”

If you did that, what did you do?  You left your ass hanging out there, because for them to prepare a substitute for return, they have to have some information that's available to them from a source. What's the easiest source for them to get it from?  The bank.  So, don't do that!  Don't have an account in your name.  If you're going to have to deal with the bank, remember, the Supreme Court held that bank records are not yours they are the banks. If you let the bank keep records the IRS can get those records in a snap and use the information to fill out a substitute for return for you. Banks are the other end of the IRS!

And then, we've got the lust of the flesh.  The lust of the flesh says, I like cruising around in my 28-foot boat.  Each of the children must have their own bedroom and they must have amusement and therefore, we must take out a loan so our flesh can be satisfied.

And what did you do, you know, when you did that kind of thing?  You left your ass hanging out there.

Let's talk about those lusts.  I learned this.  The Father says to me, “Look up the definition of lust.”  I did and you know what it says?  It says, “A diseased state of mind.

When you got involved in doing those kinds of things and not eliminating the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life from your life, you are one of those sheep that was starting to tail off and drag behind the group.  You make yourself easy picking for the one that goes about as a roaring lion; the IRS.

And so, the concept is, get that stuff out and get a good solid healthy mind.

Another thing about employment - let's see, in I Corinthians 7:21 Paul says, But if you are able also to become free, rather do that.

Jahshuwah said, “No man can serve two masters because he'll love the one and he'll hate the other.”  And then, He goes on to say, “You can't serve both Jahuwah and mammon.”

So, you go down there and you get a job trying to get the big house and what did you do?  In law, an employer/employee relationship is known as a master/servant relationship.

Basically, what you've done is you've enslaved yourself and worse than that, you've oppressed yourself because the Scriptures says that it is an oppression to pay the worker anything other than daily. 

When you went down and got the job and they said, hey, we'll pay you every two weeks, every week, you know, once a month, you just jumped right at it and you said, yeah, go ahead, oppress me, I don't mind being disobedient to the scriptures.

Sometimes people will want me to tutor them on a case.  Maybe they're doing a case themselves and they need somebody with some experience to kind of walk them through it.  I tell them, hey, I want to be paid daily.

“Daily?”  I say, “Yeah.  Why do I want to oppress myself?”  One guy, he said, “Oh, come on, why don't you let me just, you know, put it on an account and let me pay you every week?” I said, “No.” and he ended up paying me daily.

And then, that guy went to work for me when I was a paint contractor.  I happened to have some contracts.  And guess what?  At the end of the day, I reached in my pocket and I go, let's see, you worked ten hours, eight bucks an hour, well, here's $80.  And he thought that was the coolest thing.  You know, everybody does.

If you've got employees to be a blessing to them and to be obedient to Jahuwah, pay them daily and watch what happens.

Here's another thing.  In Luke 6:20, Jahshuwah said, “Blessed are you poor and lowly and afflicted, destitute of wealth, influence, position and honor, for the kingdom of Jahuwah is yours.”

Take all that stuff out of your name.  Better yet, sell stuff associated with your name and buy new stuff that has never been associated with your name. Don't have a house in your name.  Don't have a car in your name.  You know, I didn't have a complete understanding on this, but, I needed to buy a car and I've got a clear conception that if I have a car in my name, the IRS is going to back up a tow truck and tow it away.

So, what I did was I went out to buy a car and paid cash for it.  And I'd make up a bill of sale for the people and the bill of sale says Israeli Ambassador BLS.  And I'd have them sign off on the bill of sale transferring the car to that name.

Then, when I go to get the plates for it, I laid the bill of sale out there.  And the lady says, “Is this name you want the title in?” I replied, “Yes.” And here comes registration in the name of Israeli Ambassador BLS.

Now, I lose the title.  I go down to the DMV and I say, “I need a replacement title.”  The DMV lady says, “Who are you?”  I said, “I'm the guy who got this in the first place.”  And she says, “I don't know that.”

And I said, “Well, what do you need?”  And she says--see, there's a clue.  Try and just cooperate with the government people in life.  She says, “I need a piece of paper that says that you're you and that you can do this.”

Oh, okay.  I go across the street to the Kinko's.  I rent a computer.  I write Israeli Ambassador BLS in big letters at the top.  In small letters and parenthesis I say, “An implied trust.”

“This matter comes before the trustees to allow Barry L. Smith to procure a replacement title for one 1981 Mustang.  It has been determined that it's in the best interest of the trust to allow him to do that.  The trust will reimburse him for whatever fees he spends, done on this date of…” and then down below, I signed off as a trustee.

So, I'm back in less than five minutes and I lay down that on her desk and I go, “Will this do?”  She liked it. Pretty soon here comes the replacement title.

So, you know, I still haven't owned anything since I started doing this.  What do I want to own it for?  They'll just take it.

All right.  Here's another trick.  One of my early mentors when I was first starting to do this was a chiropractor and he had a little practice right in his house.  And people would get ready to write him a check and they'd say, who do I make this to and he'd say, just leave it open.  So, they'd leave it open and give it to him. When it came time to pay his rent he sits there and he writes in landlord, landlord, landlord, landlord on enough checks until it totals up to his rent and then he makes a photocopy of them, of course, and pays his rent.  He just turned their checks into bearer checks.  So, that's another clever way to keep the IRS from getting your records.

In Proverbs 14:16, “A wise man sees danger ahead and cautiously avoids evil, but the fool bears himself insolently and is presumptuously confident.”

So, here's the thing.  You don't want to start moving anything around after the IRS already has a lien because of what is called fraudulent conveyance. I've read a bunch of cases on that.

What you have to do is get stuff out of your name before you have a problem and don't be trying to get out of paying your debts by doing that because they'll come and say, you did those transfers to avoid paying your IRS debt and they'll set it aside, take your stuff, sell it and use the proceeds to pay your debts.

It's been proposed by my friend, Bill Drexler, who is a 70-year-old semi-retired attorney I guess that what you do is you move all your stuff into a holding corporation.  He doesn't like trusts that much.

He feels like the IRS has their trust busting group and that's one of their favorite things to bust is trusts.  So, he says, here's what you do - you get the maiden name of the wife and you make her President and then, you only act as the secretary.  Then, move all of your stuff into the corporation and get it out of your name.

Revelation 18:4,  “I heard another voice from heaven saying, come out of her my people that ye be not partaken of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

In Proverbs 10:8 says, “The wise in heart will accept and obey commandments, but the foolish of lips will fall headlong.”

So, here's a commandment.  Come out of her my people.  If we're going to obey this command, there are some things we've got to figure out.  First, we've got to identify where is it that we've got to come out of in order for us to obey this commandment.

And then, we've got to figure out how we're in Babylon.  It's obvious that we're not literally in Babylon.  Babylon must be a figurative thing, something like this room, you know.  We're in the room.

And then, the last thing is to take steps to come out.  I had a revelation.  In Revelation 13:16-17, it says about the Antichrist, Also, he compels or in the King James it says causeth, all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave to be marked with an inscription stamped on their right hand or on their forehead so that no one will have the power to buy or sell unless he bears the stamp marked inscription with the name of the beast and the number of his name.

The Father says to me, look up this word causeth.  You know what?  My friend, Anthony Laserina, he told me about this group; he told me, “When you speak, tell them about some conspiracy.  They love conspiracy.”

Well, here's your conspiracy.  I looked at the Greek Lexicon for the word causeth just before I came here just for you guys.  Do you know what it says?  For the word causeth it says, “Form a conspiracy.” So, there you go.

And then, I looked in the Strong's Concordance and it says, abide, weave, band together, commit, deal, execute, exercise, fulfill, perform, provide.

How is he doing it?  How is he getting us all to use that number?  And I learned later that what it's called, it's called quasi-contractual.

When he uses a statute to create a contract it's called quasi-contractual.  And in the case of Milwaukee County versus White, they came right out and they said, a collection of taxes is quasi-contractual.

And then, at the end of this thing, he says, compare 4238, which is another number in Strong's Concordance.  And you know what 4238 says?  It says perform repeatedly or habitually as in collecting dues.  Well, I put in there, taxes, okay.

And let's just track on this social security.  How many in here remember seeing a social security card that says, not for identification.  And now, we have totally flipped that thing and everybody wants that number for identification.

You know, we're running out of time, but I've got to tell you this.  Here's the thing.  The government is this big beast and it's blind and it's going, “Tell me who you are, tell me who you are.”  And I go, “I'm Barry L. Smith.” The big, blind beast says back, “I still don't know who you are, I still--I need a number, tell me your number because I'm like this, I only operate on numbers.”

What do I say to this big, blind beast, “Forget you, man.  I ain't telling them my number.”  And I just walk away.  I've come to the conclusion that anybody that wants my social security number is my enemy because they're all trying to get involved in dragging me into the Beast System.

If I give him my number, he's going to grab on and start trying to do things to me.  But as long as I don’t, he can't and I have not used that number since 1990. The last return I filed was in 1988.

Guess what that does.  They've got nothing going on my credit report because I do not have anything for anyone to report to it.  I purposely stopped paying all my credit cards.  That was comical.

The credit card people call up and they're like, “We're going to sue you.  And I said, “Fine, go ahead.”  And they said, “Well, it's going to ruin your credit.”  And I said, “I don't care because I promised the Father that I would never borrow another dollar as long as I live.”

Why did I tell them that; because it says in Proverbs that the borrower becomes servant to the lender.  I want to be a free man and not a servant to some lender.

I don't know about you guys but, you know, I want to be free.  And I cannot be free as long as I owe the darn bank because they run me if I owe them.

The collections people from the banks said, “We're going to levy your wages.”  I’d tell them, “I'm never working for anyone again because I've learned; it's a master/servant relationship.  I don't want two masters.  I just want one.  I just want to work for Jahuwah.”

Speaking of working for Him, do you know that He promised in the book of Matthew--He says, “Look upon the fields, for they are white unto harvest.  Pray you the Lord of the harvest that he send laborers into the field and he that reaps receives wages.”

When I work for Jahuwah, do you know what that gives me?  That gives me a source of income that they cannot touch because it comes from Him.  There's no way they can levy me.

I’d tell the collectors from the bank, “I'm taking a Scriptural bankruptcy.”  And they'd say, “What?  And I'd say, “Yeah, in the Scriptures it says every seven years that all the debts were supposed to be forgiven.”  And collector says to me, “Would you send that in the mail?” I replied, “Just look it up in your own Scriptures.  It's in the Scriptures.  It's Deuteronomy 15.” I had some fun with them.

You know what?  They all went away.  None of them sued me.

It comes with the loan.  Did you hear almost contract terms in there that I just read?  When they're talking about contracts, those are all the words they use, right.

I see I'm out of time.  Do you want to ask me questions or do you want me--I've got a couple more things to talk about, more than five minutes worth, so--yes.

Unidentified Woman:  --What do you want us to do? 

Mr. Barry Smith:  What I want you to do is I want you to resolve personally that you want to be free and do what it takes to obtain that freedom.  And what it will take, I think, is to be led of the Spirit and operate in the principles, that I'm describing.  Jahshuwah said, “Continue in My Word, you’ll be my disciples, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

I can't tell you how good that felt the first time the lady at the counter said, do you want this receipt and I was like, nope, I've got no need for any more receipts. 

Unidentified Man:  You mentioned about corporations.  Can you talk about the Nevada Corporation [sp]?

Mr. Barry Smith:  You know, I'm not sure what Bill Drexler had in mind.  We just talked about that on the phone this morning.  I mean, he does the kind of things like I'm describing where you--he was telling me about going to the bank to open an account.  He knows full well that they're going to ask him for his social security number, right.

Sir, can I have your--you didn't fill out the social security number.  Oh, I forgot.  My card's at home.  Oh, wait, no, wait, I've got it written down here and he pulls out his--he describes--he pulls out and oh, here, it's written on a piece of paper.

And he lays it over there.  And it's just a piece of paper with a number on it, right.  And he makes them write the number in the box.  And, of course, it's not his number.

But, you know, somebody was saying, well, that wouldn't work today because they have computers and, you know, it may not.  But, that was just one of the clever things he came up with.

Now, I know he was telling me, he said, go up to Canada and get an account up there because they don’t care if you give them your social security number.  And he said, they process it through the Federal Reserve, you know, and you can get it processed pretty quick and they'll do it in US dollars.

I'm sorry, I don't know the deal on the corporation stuff.  The Nevada Corporation is supposed to have the benefit of having bearer shares, so you can just hand it to somebody else and now, boom, they own the corporation.

And then, you could even say, you don't own it because they have the shares. 

Mr. Barry Smith:  That's--you know, I just was resolute that I was never going to do business with banks again.  I've seen nothing but bad come out of them.  I mean, you've got no money in your account, you bounce a check and they charge you $25.  What sense does that make?

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